Our vision is to be one of the top trusted resources for blockchain and cryptocurrency education in Africa and globally. We strive to create a network of enthusiastic investors and traders that will seize this once in a lifetime opportunity that cryptocurrencies can provide and to safely connect people from all around the world to blockchain technology.

Our mission is to passionately educate individuals and organisations on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We aim to create financial freedom for many people, through determination and dedication, by providing high quality educational resources, tools and material. Our mission also represents our greater purpose in society.
We value trust and transparency, creativity and entrepreneurship, empowerment, equal opportunity and social responsibility. We believe in the inherent worth of all people and we value new possibilities created by digital technology and never ending learning. We value our supporters and see them as partners that can bring about positive change in the world. This is our greatest reward and their success is our success.

We have absolute faith in our ability to bring about positive change for everyone and strongly believe that blockchain technology is a positive social and economic force that can empower people to create economic value and reduce poverty and inequality around the world.

We want to empower a network of individuals to create better lives and financial freedom, by being a trusted avenue for learning.

  • Week 1: Cryptocurrency basics
  • Week 2: Different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Week 3: Future scope of cryptocurrencies
  • Week 4: How to build a balanced cryptocurrency portfolio
  • Week 5: How to create and setup cryptocurrency wallets
  • Week 6: How to sign up and register cryptocurrency exchange accounts
  • Week 7: Cryptocurrency safety
  • Week 8: Market trends & trading indicators
  • Week 9: How to identify high ROI projects and avoid scams
  • Week 10: How to create passive income using cryptocurrencies
  • Week 11: Trading strategies
  • Week 12: Ten ways to earn Bitcoin
  • Important cryptocurrency news and events

We believe in blockchain technology and the future of cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to educate and enable people to use cryptocurrencies safely and confidently.
  • You will get started on an exciting cryptocurrency journey.
  • You will understand how blockchain technology works and why it is important for the future.
  • We will guide you away from the bad advice & danger you will face as a new investor.

“Just as it got easier to use email, it will be easier to use Bitcoin as people invest in it and become more familiar with it.” – Gavin Andresen (Core Developer of Bitcoin)

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